Petteri Harjulehto

Ph.D. (University of Helsinki 2002)
Docent (U. of Helsinki 2005, U. of Turku 2013)

University Lecturer in University of Helsinki
(in Finnish 'yliopistonlehtori')

Research interests:
variable exponent function spaces,
generalized Orlicz spaces,
nonlinear partial differential equations,
image restoration,
analysis on metric measure spaces.

A short curriculum vitae.


Generalized Orlicz spaces and related PDEs


RomFin2019 and FSDONA2019
Nonstandard growth phenomena 2017
Function Spaces, PDE and Image Processing (2012)
Variable Exponent Analysis (2010)
FSDONA Workshop (2008)
FSDONA (2008)
Finland-Japan Joint Seminar on Analysis (2007)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
00014 University of Helsinki

Email: pe____ri.harjulehto AT
Office: Exactum B328